Oaks Electric Company
Oaks Electric Company
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    COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES: Property management companies and commercial space developers.

    MULTI-FAMILY HOUSING  -  We do everything from simple repairs to complete electrical remodel of one to 100 units. Prioritization for critical outages. 


    RETAIL SPACES:  Working with general contractors and individual owners  to remodel and repurpose retail spaces up to 100,000 square feet.

    RESTORATION COMPANIES  -Working with restoration contractors to provide emergency power and do the necessary electrical repairs following fire, water and storm damage .


    Complete or partial electrical remodels of homes and businesses, working either directly with the owner or as a subcontractor for their General Contractor.  

    Replacing obsolete or non-code-compliant electrical panels.

    Minor or major repairs of existing wiring, fixtures and devices.      

    Wiring hot tubs and swimming pools.

    Low Voltage Wiring : TV and phone lines, intercoms, security systems and more - either installed by us or our trusted subcontractors. 



    INTERIOR LIGHTING RETROFITS  : replacing old-style lighting with energy efficient LED lighting. (Government rebate program may apply).  

    EXTERIOR COMMERCIAL LIGHTING:  Repair/replace pole lights and exterior building lights, identify and fix underground wiring breaks, install/repair sign lights, install/ remove Christmas lighting. Prioritization for critical outages.    

    LEAD ABATEMENT:  We are certified to work in buildings where lead contamination has been identified and abatement is required.   

    COMPLIANCE WALK-TROUGHS: Assess a home or business for electrical code violations and defective or dangerous wiring. 

    AND MUCH MORE.............